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🩸 Blood Only. No Gang Shxt

Lots changing in the stars

We are now in Leo ️ Season , that big 5 HEART 💚chakra radiating innerG !

Something told me to talk about the heart chakra this time💚

What is the heart known for besides getting us in all the “situations” 😓 … oh the heartbreak 💔, but no honey , what’s the heart good for, on a more physical level?

Pumping blood through the body. Blood only. No gang shxt.

Tribe seems to be coming together more effortlessly. I have been gaining so many beautiful opportunities, working with people I met briefly before and finally creating real connections that I feel may stick.

I host community sound healing every Thursday and Sunday at Zen & The City at 811 N Charles Street

Book your ticket here:

Here I also host reiki sessions that you can book here:

I have been getting more familiar with my callings, manifesting a reiki community, a place to practice reiki , a place to practice sound healing a place to speak about herbal remedies. My yoga instructor , Michele Blu allows me to use her studio to to workshops and DIY’s, My gourmet tea and herbal remedies are now available at “Keepers Vintage Boutique”, soon to be at “A Yo! Boutique”, the abundance is flowing!

While I have been observant of my opportunities, I am noticing my body getting tired and less energetic to do things I used to do so effortlessly.

It’s been a little harder to be “on the go”, don’t get me wrong , I gets it done but it’s just been getting more difficult to fuel my flame, ya know ?

My body just wants to relax because it’s just so DAMN HOT and here lately, my eating habits haven’t been all that great and my body reminds me every time I eat an egg and cheese McGriddle from McDonalds!

My next door neighbor was having cardiovascular 🫀 issues due to high cholesterol which caused plaque buildup in his arteries in his left leg. It causes him pain when he’s trying to go to sleep and I was sitting back eating my McDonalds egg and cheese McGriddle and I got a tight feeling my heart for a minute.

My heart … she felt betrayed. I’ve been doing so well before , having a salad for a snack or finishing a whole fruit salad for breakfast and I thought about my neighbor, How he asked me if I had anything for his leg… I know, I was definitely being a bit dramatic because , but damn ,” I better watch my diet before that becomes me.”

That pain in my chest made me grab my heart and I thought 💭 I wonder what she looks like now and how much damage have I been doing to her between this fake ass egg and cheese sandwiches and my daily marijuana tokes I take straight to the lungs 🫁 ,no chaser , while “Blood gang” gets mad at me for contaminating their oxygen supply. My heart chakra’s still open though 💚 I gave my neighbor a full jar of “GLOW BALM” useful for blood circulation before I knew he had plaque buildup , hoping it would assist.

The next Rise ☀️ I asked him if it worked and he said “No,” making me feel worthless

So here I am, researching the cardiovascular and vein health so we can get down to the nitty gritty on how to care for our circulatory system, starting with the heart.

The heart is made up of myocardial muscle, one of the three different types of muscle in the body.

It is discuses into 4 chambers: the right and left ventricle and the right and left atrium. The right atrium brings blood from the body that has traveled the circulatory system and distributed its oxygen, this blood is then pumped through the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle , which shoots the blood through the pulmonary valve into the pulmonary artery and straight into the lungs to get oxygen,

After collecting fresh oxygen , the blood is pumped by the right ventricle through the pulmonary veins up to the left atrium & then to the left ventricle from there, the blood courses through the aortic valve to the aorta 🫀 & onto the rest of the body. This is all caused by our body natural electric ⚡ activity.

With the average human heart beating at 70 to 80 beats per minute , our hearts beat approximately 115,000 x per day and blood takes about one minute to circulate the entire body with just a few beats ! Magick ain’t it?

But what is it can we do to keep this beautiful vessel serving us well?

Veins carry blood to the heart ❤️ to get oxygen while arteries carry already oxygenated blood throughout the body! Arteries require direct pumping action of the beating heart 💓 to move blood throughout the body and restriction due to the size of the artery helps create the needed pressure to pump blood through.

Veins, on the other hand, use one way valves that are controlled by muscle contractions. For this reason arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are very dangerous ⚠️ because the more calcified an artery is due to cholesterol buildup the less functional the arteries will be to help distribute oxygenated blood 🩸 throughout the body , enabling mobility. Over calcification of arteries can lead to numbness and eventually, amputation.

⚠️️IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY !!!! Here are protocols to help you keep on top of your Circulatory & Cardiovascular Health this Leo Season :

💚Go outside & Walk !: Circulation starts movement ! Get those legs moving and take a walk around Lake Montebello or Druid Hill Park

💚Remove Saturated Fats from your diet— switch to yogurt 🍦 , fruit spread or olive oil when preparing foods

💚Eliminate hydrogenated oils — this cause arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and atherosclerosis’ (buildup of plaque) cut out oils like cottonseed oil, shortening, 🥥 coconut oil , palm or palm kernel oil —instead use flaxseed oil , primrose , borage & black currant oils.

💚Add Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet; this helps reduce clotting & risk of heart attack. Include foods like salmon, green leafy 🥬 vegetables, walnuts & oregano.

💚Avoid high fructose corn syrup

💚Reduce red meat 🥩 consumption

💚Add loads of Garlic 🧄 & Onion 🧅 to your diet

💚Drink green tea 🍵 “Romance Novel” by NOVASOUL is a great heart chakra healer as it is made with lots of heart conscious herbs 🌿 like rose, sage, jasmine green tea and other herbs including chamomile and Damiana.

Grab a bag of ROMANCE NOVEL green tea here !

Safe & Common CardioTonics include:

💚Hawthorne Berry

💚 Rose



💚Dandelion Root



& so much more !

Now y’all know how much I love a DIY !!! Below is a recipe on how you can create cardiovascular 🫀 tinctures and tonics for yourself and your loved ones right at home ! Or buy some straight from the NOVASOUL site!

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