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Watermelon 🍉 in Your Face


🍉 We are in the Heat of the Summer of 2022 already y’all!

It’s time to book those vacations, catch those flights, develop those scrapbooks and eat all of the fresh fruits available all during the summer season!

A lot of us look forward to the crisp , refreshing taste of watermelon. Slippery, sticky juice sliding down your arm as your teeth sink deeper & deeper, that cooling, sweet embrace on your tastebuds and the quench of thirst as it goes down… 🤤 Mmm… It’s one of the messiest, most enjoyable fruits 🍉 , but did you know that watermelon’s nutritional benefits are best experienced when used topically ?

Yeah baby, that’s right, most of watermelon’s vitamins and minerals are absorbed by our internal organs when we ingest it and the seeds are also known to be anti parasitic. Taking watermelon this way hydrates the organs, keeping the body moisturized with much needed electrolytes and vitamins to keep the them lubricated and functional but when you use watermelon on your largest, most beautiful organ, your skin , it holds surprising health benefits.

First of all, let me tell you right now, DON’T GO RUBBING WATERMELON JUICE ALL OVER YOUR FACE! That’s not how you flex big pimpin’ , now what you WANT TO DO, is go grab yourself some watermelon 🍉 extract and that’s how you make those skin cells holla!

Watermelon extract is native South Africa 🇿🇦, similar to Rooibos tea, as talked about in my last blog :

Watermelon is cold pressed to preserve most vitamins & minerals such as vitamin E, B6, A & Copper. These elements help produce and promote the enabling of skin’s recovery from natural occurrences like UV/A & UB/B exposure. Using watermelon extract on your face helps with the effects of photoaging (aging due to sun exposure), age wrinkles, calms redness & irritation, speeds up the skin cell’s natural regeneration process & quenches thirsty skin.

NovaSoul came out with a NEW product that caters to all of these Amazing watermelon properties!

I introduce to your skincare regimen, HYDRO-MELON Facial Spritz by NOVASOUL!

If you missed last Sunday’s DIY, then boohoo for you, but you don’t have to miss out on learning how to make your own at home with my Mobile DIYWorkshops !

See blow , a quick tutorial on how to use the HYDRO-MELON face refreshment spritz made with watermelon extract, aloe Vera juice, distilled water and vegetable glycerin!

If you’d rather purchase in person, visit Keeper’s Vintage at 805 W.36 st. In Hampden, Baltimore or select pickup in your online order!

People who join my email list get 20%off the entire website with a special code sent 🔜

Thank you getting your Sip of Nova’s Brew! Hope to see you in the coming weeks!

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