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Your Community Energy Healer and Herbalist

Nova Soul was founded in 2018 by Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Sound healer and Visual Artist, Nova Bullock

Inspired by observing the Baltimore Community, Nova began her studies by her love and passion for people and watching her loved ones become heavily dependent upon prescription medicine.   

She was inspired to take up herbalism independently with the Herbal Academy where she earned her certificate.  In 2019, Nova interned at Recharj studio in Washington, DC as a studio assistant and discovered a passion for reiki and sound healing where she earned both of her certificates.  .

Nova Soul is a community healing entity with a mission to inspire a more energetically  balanced community from the higher self down, starting with a warm cup of tea.  Nova Soul currently hosts sound healing sessions for the public monthly, sip and paint sessions, private reiki sessions and makes accessible, herbal alternatives to some of those prescription drugs we keep in our medicine cabinets. 

Live a Healthy, Gourmet Lifestyle with NovaSoul Apothecary

 Keep in the know  here on WWW.NOVASOUL.NET and instagram @NOVASOUL.STUDIO



Sound Healing is an ancient energetic and physical healing practice that manipulates the molecular structure of the water in your body by inviting sound waves in.  Sounds from different instruments such as Tibetan metal bowls, crystal singing bowls, the rain stick, chimes, drums and more tranquility inducing instruments, work together to cause less stress, anxiety, relief from symptoms of PTSD, better sleep, tranquility, and a healthier and more emotional balanced state of being.
Allow yourself plenty of water before and after the practice as Sound Healing causes dehydration



Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative healing.  Practitioners use the palms of their hands to radiate what is called 'universal energy' to the patient in order to enforce emotional and or physical healing.  This practice dates back to ancient times and is sacred to this day!
Reiki causes emotional calm,  chakra alignment, energetic alignment and relief from anxiety, stress and fear

Vegetables and Herbs


Nova's Apothecary began in 2019 and prides itself on natural ingredients and an all natural process.  Fresh herbs from the local food store and local farms from right here in Baltimore go into these products.  Choose from essentials like Red Raspberry Tincture (for reproductive system), Glow Balm for eczema and psoriasis relief balm, allergy tincture, libido tincture, pain relief tea, period relief tea, yoni steams and more! Subscribe to the Nova Star Silver Package deal for  monthly package featuring Elderberry Syrup, Fire Cider and the Tea of The Month! Check out  the Package page to see which one suits you best  
Products are cooked slow and infused with care and also prayed over to ensure quality every time.


Art & Creativity

Book a private sip and paint session upon deposit (non-refundable) for a one-of-a-kind sip and paint experience, customize your painting or ask me to guide the class in an uplifting, mind-opening, conscious idea that will have you thinking about a new approach after! 
We also offer community Paint and Sip Sessions that will be announced here on WWW.NOVASOUL.INFO and Instagram @_nova.soul
All art sessions are geared toward learning about operating the mind and body to work together to assist us daily with manifestation methods and thinking practices that will help us think more positively, attracting more light to us on a day to day basis!

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