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Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus Clouds


This brain activating, throat clearing, hair skin and nails tea is multi-functional for sure! Enjoy a lovely blue brew of Cirrus CLouds herbal tea made with Butterfly Pea Leaf, Rose, Lavender and Sage.  This blend not only cleanses the air passages, but it also eases the throat, and helps enhance hair, skin and nails.  Enjoy this tea on your balcony or outside on your front step and watch the clouds, maybe do a crossword puzzle... maybe a mask.

And I havent ven told you the best part! Add lemon, and this blue blend turns into an enchanting mod purple.  This is a reaction the Butterfly Pea Leaf has to acid levels in the lemon, the same will happen if you add hone, but tteh purple is more rich with lemon! Try it with a little one they'd love it! 

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