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Pineapple Fresca

Pineapple Fresca


Made witht Sencha green tea, Ginger, and Dried Pineapple Chunks.  Made to boost energy , keep your waisttrim and keep your metabolism high! Injoy 

  • Pineapple Fresca

    This fat burning , high antioxidant blend Ella assist any workout geared toward tightening the core! Get a full gut cleanse with the metabolism boosting properties of Sencha green tea and pineapple 🍍 the ginger is there to reduce inflammation and give it that zesty flair !

    Pineapple Fresca is THE summer time tea

    Place a bag with up to 32oz of water and agave in the fridge over night and have a delicious cold brew in the day ! This tea is delicious iced or hot

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